The chassis is assembled on a rigid steel frame with floor welded to ISMB & ISMC of structurally required section


The cage structure and wall panels are constructed in MS frame work of ISMC, ISMB & Square of pipes with total wall thickness of 55mm up to 70 mm all confirming to IS 2062. Exterior walls are16 Swg Galvanized sheet, CO2 MIG welded to the frame, where as inner wall is covered withdecorative laminated 9mm-particle board. Lightweight insulation is filled in between the exterior and interior block wall / cavity wall. The exterior wall is painted with anticorrosive epoxy 2 pack system paint and decorative paint as outer wall finish.


The roof is curved type made of CRC 16 gauge galvanized sheet fixed on prefabricated trusses sandwich type of steel frame where as inner roof wall is covered with decorative laminated 9mm-particle board.Lightweight insulation is filled in between the exterior and interior block roof wall / cavity wall. The exterior roof wall is painted with anticorrosive epoxy decorative paint as outer wall finish. A uniquefeature know as “ROOF COOLING SYSTEM” developed by the engineers of Rishit bunk makers Pvt. Ltd. isfixed in between the outer & inner wall of the roof. This system helps the bunkhouse to remains very cool.The heat transmission rate due to this process is reduced to 84%.


All voids within the external wall and inner walls are filled with 50 to 80mm thick resin bonded mineral glass wool of 2 LBS / CFT density confirming to IS 8183. This glass wool slab helps in reduction in heat transmission up to 64% and is 100% inorganic asbestos free, non-toxic and non-flammable, non-hygroscopic & vermin proof. In addition Expanded polystyrene slab of 50mm thick of 48 density “a white cellular material processed from styropor expandable polystyrene beads is added as additional insulation. Every one thousand CC of expanded polystyrene contains 3 to 6 million discrete cells of entrapped air. Expanded polystyrene posses a rare combination of properties like lower thermal conductivity excellent shock absorsion, better mechanical strength, & high resistance to moisture.


Main door is constructed of rigid steel frame fitted with waterproof; termite proof laminated wooden flush door of 32mm thick with tower bolts handle gripes and suitable locking arrangement.


Windows shall be aluminum double shutter sliding type. Fly-mesh and safety steel grill over sliding area and clear or dark float glass shall be provided.


All sanitary pipes are of high quality galvanized class “C” steel pipes. PVC rigid pipes will be fixed for waste disposal systems.


All components are primed before assembly/forming. All surfaces are degreased with appropriate solvent. Two coats of liquid polysulphide epoxy self-priming – PS-901 DFT of 25 micron. All steel structures are protected from corrosion under coastal area open weather condition.


No foundation is required to park our bunk unit. Our bunk unit is provided with adjustable foots for leveling on steel pads. The bunkhouse can be lifted with the help of adjustable foot up to 2.5ft above the ground level as per the requirement of site conditions.


All components are pre-wired for electrical lighting and air-conditioning. All power points are mounted on the wall with cable drops for wiring on site. Adequate room lighting shall be provided. Centrally power-stabilizing system is provided known as “Multiguard”. Multiguard controls high voltage, low voltage, earth leakage circuit breaker, short circuit, by pass, alarm, MCB. This system will cut off the power supply to the bunkhouse within 5 milliseconds of fault detection. It also indicates the nature of the fault occurred on an LED display. All electrical fittings in the bunk house shall be 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz. All wiring shall be concealed type & shall be of PVC insulated copper wire of ISI quality. 3/20 size wires used for light, sockets & 7/16 size wire for main incoming, 15AMP plug with switches, MCB,DOL switches required for air conditioner, input sockets of tube light, door-way, wall ceiling mounted cabin light and fans. Terminating of main incoming gable into the bunkhouse shall be of 32 / 63 TPN switch.


All type of air-conditioning system as desired upon can be installed.


  • Shower tray
  • Shower curtains
  • Soap trays
  • European WC with
  • complete flushing system
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Hand Faucet
  • Wash basin with mirror
  • Exhaust fans
  • Hot & Cold water piping with tap
  • Window curtains
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