RISHIT range of bunkhouses offered are designed & developed based on standard ISO specification & conditions for end use and are designed to meet the requirement at remote & isolated sites. Maintaining the highest structural stability, earthquake proof, weather proof, leak-proof and faultless operation under extreme climatic conditions. Supply of prefabricated bunkhouse for desired end uses.

The “BUNKHOUSE” is comfortably designed with adequate ventilation and is hygienic and meant for prolonged use. The structural details including the furniture & fitments, is based on our proven experience of similar bunkhouse in operation all over India and can withstand all the stress and strain of rough handling, lifting & shifting not only at desired sites but also on rough terrains. These units can be moved/shifted by means of cranes and trucks/trailers. The bunkhouse can withstand a wind load pressure up to 100 km/hr. and earthquake vibration up to any scale.

Necessary precaution is taken against while ants and termites by effective treatment with suitable chemicals and fire retardant/resistant solution and paints and also necessary anti-corrosive treatment are done prior to painting.

The proven design also enables for easy handling by use of strings and shackles from top. Corner lifting lugs or alternatively by suitable shackles to the base skid wherever applicable without any damage to the bunkhouse.

The economic life of our Bunkhouse is to be more than 25 years. We follow Statutory and safety requirements in manufacturing, transporting and supplying the Bunkhouse.

Exterior Bunk House

Exterior Bunk House

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