Why HIRE Rishit Bunk House

If the desire is to set up a hotel park amidst the green lap of nature, where civil construction is expensive and relatively ineffective, “RISHIT” can provide you the bunk houses on “HIRE”. You can begin with hiring of minimal units, with minimal manpower and investment requirements, and gradually increase the units on the basis of demand.
Our flexible plan allow to increase the number of units during situations like tourist seasons and later return or even shift the same units to other destinations effortlessly.
The only payable amount would be that for the transportation and handling of the bunkhouses, ensuring that you never go out of business and your profit lies in your hands alone.
The Rishit bunk houses also gives you the opportunity to encourage the increasing value and importance of environment conservation and promotion. We do so, by not only minimizing the need for cutting down trees, blowing boulders and destroying landscapes, but also by propagating nature’s connect to human life.


Why invest in making project site office, project promoter’s office, contractor’s office and destroy that office on completion of site activities when you can hire them.

“Rishit” will provide luxury offices use bunk houses on hire fully furnished. Just lift and shift and is ready for use.

Lift & Shift

Wherever you go


We send the fully furnished ready to use Office bunk house to you on a truck as one piece cabin.


The cabin will be unloaded at your desired location with the help of a crane and steel rope, hooking to the given lifting eye hooks.


Once the cabin is properly established on ground, plug in the main power (attachment come along with the cabin).

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